Twitter Hacker Gets Arrested, Biggest Bitcoin Scam in History!

Previous years went pretty chaotic for many people, however, in the tech industry, some major breaches did happen. On July 15 2020 Twitter accounts of some of the most influential people on the earth were hacked and were used by the hackers. Though till today’s date It’s a complete mystery who the complete hacker group is. However, just after few months of this Twitter hack, one hacker from this group got arrested. And a few days ago another Twitter Hacker got arrested. So let us see his this all happened.


Another Twitter Hacker Gets Arrested!


One of the hackers from this group has recently been arrested and is a citizen of the UK found in the town of Estepona in Spain. According to reports total of 130 high profile accounts were targeted to be hacked. However, among these accounts, only 46 were the ones attackers got their control on.


Joseph O’Connor, age 22, has been arrested for accessing a computer without authorisation and for making extortive communication. Not only that but this 22-year-old has also been charged for cyberstalking of TikTok and Snapchat user accounts.


How Did Attackers Got High Profile Account Credentials? 


In an interview with New York Times, in the year 2020 July, Joseph O’Connor told them they got credentials of these high profile Twitter accounts after penetrating inside the company’s internal Slack messaging channel, passwords were posted there.


How Much Amount Has Been Costed in This Scam?


This event is by far the biggest and greatest social media hack ever being performed in history. This verified Twitter scam has costed a total of $100,000 in bitcoin.


If you want to know more about this biggest social media hack then read this A 22-year-old was arrested in hacks of Twitter, TikTok and Snapchat.


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