India IT Minister on Pegasus Spyware

Pegasus is a Spyware developed by Israeli cybersecurity firm NSO Group. One can easily monitor mobile devices with the help of this software without even letting the victim know. Pegasus is also referred to as the “Most Sophisticated” surveillance software. The methods used by Pegasus for penetrating into victims devices. Once this Spyware gets installed in the victim’s device. Then all the data from the victim’s devices can be transferred to the attackers. This spyware is the most advanced and intelligent software for monitoring a smartphone. Pegasus has become very famous nowadays due to some ongoing, unclarified issues regarding surveillance on famous political profiles. IT minister has also shown his interest in Pegasus Spyware. This topic is very hot. And is discussed everywhere, so today’s we’ll try to give you some limelight on this issue.


IT Minister On Pegasus Spyware


On the monsoon parliament meeting Indian information technology minister Ashwini Vaishnav, stated allegations that have been made are trying to criticise the Indian democracy. Reports claim that Pegasus is being used to monitor famous Indian journalists and politicians by the government. When referring to reports released on a news portal on Sunday IT Minister said “It can’t be a mere coincidence that all this report leaked by a portal on the eve of the Monsoon Session.”. He said that the allegations were baseless and had nothing to do with surveillance or so.

And thus the government has dismissed allegations of surveillance on opposition leaders, journalists and activists by Pegasus.


Claims Based On Misleading Interpretation Says NSO Group


The spyware development firm NSO Group said “NSO Group believes that claims that you have been provided with, are based on a misleading interpretation of leaked data from basic information, such as HLR Lookup services, which have no bearing on the list of the customers’ targets of Pegasus or any other NSO products.” on the allegations sent by the IT Minister to an Israeli cybersecurity firm. 

So this report from the development firm itself also supported the judgement of the government.


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