Microsoft Released Patch for Windows Zero-Day Vulnerability

Multiple products and services of Microsoft are being used by everyone nowadays. With so many users actively using Microsoft products and services the chances of security flaws become pretty critical. So security researchers now and then tend to find some vulnerabilities over Microsoft platforms & products. Recently zero-day vulnerabilities have been found in Microsoft services and products. So today let’s see how Microsoft Released Patch for Windows Zero-Day Vulnerability.


Why Microsoft Released Patch for Windows Zero-Day Vulnerability? 


Referred with CVE-2021-40444, this Vulnerability was actively exploited by attackers to perform remote code execution attacks on victim machines. So the reason why Microsoft released a security update especially for this Vulnerability is to protect windows users from getting actively compromised.


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What is The Severity of This Vulnerability?


According to the reports, this remote code execution flaw is rated 8.8 on a severity scale.


What Can Attackers Do?

Though this flaw has been patched now. But if attackers exploit this Vulnerability then the compromised system can be used to do malicious tasks, send private data over to attackers, etc by executing root-level codes.


Bottom Line

To prevent your machine from being compromised, we suggest you update your windows operating system as soon as possible. 



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