Print LCM of Two Integers in Python

Computations and programming when combined make a very deadly combination. As the ability to solve complex mathematical questions in itself is a great deal. But when one has to do the same thing by writing up a code, things get somewhat more complicated. Not to mention the language your coding in also determines whether it’s going to be easy to difficult. So today we’re going to write a program to print LCM of Two Integers in Python.


What’s The Approach? 


  • Let us consider a and b to be the two Integers to find LCM of.


  • Firstly we’ll find the gcd of these two numbers, i.e, using a condition where if a becomes zero we’ll return b else we’ll recursively return b % a, a


  • Next, we’ll return multiplication of a with gcd of two numbers, and again multiply it with b. The returned value will be our LCM.


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Python Program To Print LCM of Two Integers




a = 15, b = 20




LCM of 15 and 20 is 60


# Python program to find LCM of two numbers

# Recursive function to return gcd of a and b
def gcd(a,b):
    if a == 0:
        return b
    return gcd(b % a, a)

# Function to return LCM of two numbers
def lcm(a,b):
    return (a / gcd(a,b))* b

# Driver program to test above function
a = 15
b = 20
print('LCM of', a, 'and', b, 'is', lcm(a, b))




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