FlyTrap Compromised Thousands Of Facebook Accounts

When it comes to hacking, the most common things that might get compromised are social media accounts. Most Facebook, WhatsApp & Twitter accounts are being hacked nowadays. However, that doesn’t mean other social media platform accounts are not getting hacked. But recently a bunch of Facebook accounts have been hacked due to a Malware breach in Android smartphones. Today we will give you a brief overview of how FlyTrap Malware Compromised Thousands Of Facebook Accounts in an instant.


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Brief Overview Of FlyTrap


This Malware has been named FlyTrap. The report says it has been out since early March of the year 2021. And the damage dealt due to this Malware is huge. And since March the Malware has managed to infect Android devices of more than 120 countries.


On average, a total of 10,000 devices have been infected with FlyTrap. The malware uses SOCIAL ENGINEERING tricks and methods to compromise the Facebook accounts of the victims. According to Zimperium zLabs, the eminence of this malware is found to be from Vietnam. This application is removed from Google Play Store, but from third party sources, it can still be downloaded.


How FlyTrap Compromised Facebook Accounts? 


As we discussed above, social engineering tricks have been used by this app to hack Facebook accounts. But when you install this app you might get a different theme. FlyTrap uses different themes like free Netflix coupon codes, Google AdWords coupon codes, and voting for the best football (soccer) team or player, etc to lure users.


And to redeem these codes you have to log in with your Facebook account, eventually compromising your Facebook account.


What Can FlyTrap Do Once Compromised Facebook Accounts?


Below are the things that attackers will get access to once FlyTrap compromises your Facebook account.


  • Facebook ID
  • Location
  • Email address
  • IP address
  • Cookie and Tokens associated with the Facebook account


Final Verdicts


Never install any suspicious application on your Android device. And always download applications from Google Play Store.


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