Clubhouse Data Breach! Real or Fake!

The usage of social media has drastically increased in this period of covid-19 however many new applications how to become famous during this time. From text to images, everything already became a great source of entertainment and social experience for users. But audio didn’t seem to be found anywhere until the middle of the covid-19 dilemma.  However, a company named Clubhouse came into the limelight. But according to some rumours, it is said that data breach has happened from clubhouse database. So today let’s find out what the company itself has to say on Clubhouse Data Breach.


Well, it’s more of a clouded rumour, which is cleared now by the company itself.


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 Company’s Statement for Clubhouse Data Breach


The news leaked stating that mobile numbers of more than 4 million Clubhouse users are for sale on Dark Web. But on Sunday the company settled the dust by confirming that no data breach has taken place in the systems. Not only that but the company also said they are following industry-leading security practices and continuing to invest in them to keep every piece of data as safe as possible.


The spokesperson of the clubhouse also stated IANS (Indo-Asian News Service) there are series of bots generating billions of random mobile numbers. So some of the generated numbers might be available on the social audio platform clubhouse too due to mathematical coincidence. But despite the number being found API of the system do not return any information that can help in identifying the user.


However, due to some reasons, there was a waitlist for getting registered into the system. But now the company has removed its waitlist system and now anybody can create their account on Clubhouse.



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