Update from Intel on Windows 11

Well, the release of the latest Windows 11 operating system has been announced less than a month ago, and so there are many things that users need to be considerate about when upgrading their windows 10 to the latest Windows 11 operating systems. However, with this latest update of windows, the processor giant Intel has made its first move by providing a complete non-beta driver update for GPU on windows 11 machines. Let’s see what Intel has offered for its users to maximise power efficiency. Also, Microsoft has tweaked many features to provide a better experience, especially for gamers & Linux users.


WDDM 3.0 Ready Intel Drivers

For those who don’t know, WDDM stands for Windows Display Driver Model & in this latest release. Windows 11 WDDM 3.0 is the latest version of the display driver on windows 11. Now Intel GPU are fully ready to work with WDDM 3.0 display models. Also, this is a necessity too for those who want to use WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux ).

But thanks to Intel’s latest GPU update now windows 11 users can use Linux apps easily without any jitters. However, most of the Linux apps are terminal-based and have their supporting GUI versions. And with this Intel latest driver update, the WSL experience is going to be amazing.

Not only that but from now on WSL will be able to use windows 11 enhancements features. These encompass hardware acceleration, system audio, microphone, etc. Microsoft claims that it’ll provide an exact maybe experience like that of a Linux machine.


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