Windows 11 official Release Date Out Now!

It’s been a while since the insider’s version of Windows 11 is available to download and upgrade Windows 10 systems. During the initial insider’s release of Windows 11, Microsoft made astounding promises regarding the features and functional upgrades. So users have been waiting for the official release date from Microsoft of this latest Windows 11 operating system. Well, now we can say that wait is over now. Microsoft has announced Windows 11 official release date for all the systems upcoming this year. So today we are going to talk about that only.


Official Release Date of Windows 11


  • On August 31, Microsoft published a blog article regarding the official release of Windows 11. According to the blog post, Windows 11 will become available for everyone from October 5, 2021. Also, preloaded windows 11 PC’s will roll out in the market.


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What About Windows 10 Users?


  • No need to worry you all, windows 10 users. It is also mentioned that all systems with previously installed windows 10 will get a free upgrade to official windows 11.


  • But the key thing to note here is that only systems with compatible hardware specs will be able to upgrade to the new Windows 11.


Windows 11 official Release Highlights


  • Changed look with improved vibe & aesthetics.
  • New sounds and pleasing colour themes.
  • New layouts design to make multitasking more efficient and fast.
  • Taskbar integrated Microsoft teams.
  • Smart AI-powered widgets for delivering maximum relevant things in a click.
  • Best Windows gaming experience.
  • Auto HDR.


What about Android Apps on Windows 11?


In the latest Windows 11 release, Microsoft hasn’t announced the functionality of installing Android applications without third party software. Though they mentioned that this functionality will be available, but it will be available in future updates of official Windows 11.

As of now, no date has been declared by Microsoft for when this functionality will be made accessible to every Windows 11 user.


To read the official blog post published by Microsoft Read this Windows 11 available on October 5.


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