Top 5 Software Testing Courses Online 2022

So, you bought the car of your dreams. Congratulations. But wait, there is a hitch: the engine has an impediment that could derail your journey. Isn’t the manufacturer expected to address these issues before giving you the car delivery? What has this got to do with software testing and the Top 5 Software Testing Courses Online 2022? A lot. What if the car manufacturer were to have a mechanism in place by which the problem concerning any part or functionality of the automobile were to be completely resolved before the keys were handed to you?

This is just what the area of software testing is. It is akin to the imaginary example I have just quoted. Think of a system where the software product’s performance is assured at every point of its lifecycle, right from the origin to the end of its life. It is to help you gain leverage in this area that I am placing the Top 5 Software Testing Courses Online 2022 before you. Welcome to the challenging and exciting world of software testing! From what I described above, a simple understanding of software testing can be had: it is a method of testing and checking if the software product meets the requirements it is expected to and functions to its required levels without bugs and glitches.

The aim of software testing is to ensure that the product is free of defects. It sets out to identify and fix errors, gaps and misses to bring the software product to perform to its needed levels. This underlines the criticality of software testing: it is that process without which the accuracy and efficiency of the software product can never be assured.

This being the importance of software testing, it is time to move on next to the Top 5 Software Testing Courses Online 2022, because these courses could give you a great foothold on your path to becoming a full-fledged software developer. So, sit back and discover these potentially career-changing courses.


Top 5 Software Testing Courses Online 2022


1. Introduction To Software Testing


Let us begin at the beginning. Do you want to understand what software testing is? Do you want to understand its importance? Do you know the role of software testing in the software industry? Get answers to these and more such questions at this course.

This course will give you a proper understanding of your duties as a software tester if you embark on a career in it. You will get a hang of the system requirements and how to read and analyze them.

In all, this is a very useful entry level course which will clear all your doubts about software testing and put you on the road to a thorough understanding of the subject. This will help you make up your mind about this career. 

These are some of the areas covered in this course:

  • A definition of software testing
  • An explanation of the importance of software testing
  • The impact software testing has on the economy
  • An understanding of system requirements, analysis, and read system requirements
  • A software tester’s duties
  • What makes a good software tester
  • An understanding of test scenarios.


Duration: 56 Minutes.

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2. Software Tester: From Zero To Hero!


Want to understand the steps needed to start at zilch and go up all the way to becoming a software tester? This is a course designed just for you. It will run you through three main sections in which the tutor will show you just what steps you need to take to progress in your career path towards becoming a full-fledged software or QA tester.

Each of these steps is designed to increase the level of understanding and complexity and will increase your knowledge and proficiency as your levels go up. Starting from the fundamental, these steps move on to the more advanced ones, at which you will become familiar with technical topics such as GITflow, Rest API testing, and reading and understanding a JSON. 

The learning will be taught through highly interesting quizzes and will culminate in the “Coding Challenge”, with which you can put your acquired knowledge to a practical test.

These are some of the topics covered at this course:

  • What is software testing?
  • Who can become a Software Test Engineer? What are the necessary skills?
  • Everyday work mistakes and how to avoid them
  • What does a typical workday look like?
  • How to write a defect/bug?
  • How to write a test script scenario?
  • What are the different test platforms and types of tests?
  • Good practice in software testing.


Duration: 8.4 Hours.

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3. Software Testing Theory, Practice & Hands-on – for Beginners


Software testing, in theory, is fine, but a practical approach makes you a more efficient tester, right? This course is a maverick one in which you will have very little in terms of theory and will have a lot of hands-on scenarios. This is what makes this course stand out from the crowd.

It will introduce you to a few simulated, actual workplace scenarios that you will face in your work. These real-life work experiences give you the ability to take on challenges head-on and quell them. 

Through a series of challenges, quizzes, real-life scenario discussions and mock projects, this course will add lustre and interest to your learning, so that software testing is anything but drab when you learn it.

Included in this course are the following:

  • Introduction to software testing for beginners and non-testers
  • Practical learning of software testing by doing
  • Practical aspects of software testing at the workplace
  • Manual approach to building principles of software testing
  • Implementation of software testing using popular tools: Jira, X-Ray & Confluence
  • Personal skills and career development.

Duration: 2.5 Hours.

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4. Rest Assured API Automation Framework Development Zero to hero


Heard about REST Assured? It is a powerful set of APIs with which Restful APIs/Restful Webservices (in the manner of Selenium WebDriver for Web Application) are automated. These Rest APIs are used by almost all web applications to communicate with the backend.

Its popularity in the modern-day application architecture can be gauged from the fact that nine-tenths of the IT industry is now moving towards Rest API Automation.

This being the case, it is crucial for QA/Automation engineers to understand how to Automate Rest API tests. Understandably, it is extremely important to automate Rest APIs tests for projects because these tests are a lot quicker to run and are stabler than web automation.

This course sets you on the road to a proper understanding and learning of the Rest Assured API Automation Framework. It will offer thorough learning by giving: 

  • A framework creation guide
  • Real-time API automation
  • Serialization and de-serialization in Rest Assure
  • Advanced concepts of Rest API automation, and more.


Duration: 4 Hours.

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5. Selenium WebDriver Using Python for Beginners

New to Selenium WebDriver and Python, or both? Get on board with this course! It will take you through all the steps needed for becoming proficient with these two disciplines. 

From the learning gained at this course, you will get an idea of how to work on any project on Selenium using Python. It will give you the knowledge and skill needed for: 

  • Creating automation tests with Selenium and Python 
  • Using Jenkins for Continuous Integration
  • Planning, building and executing test automation with Selenium & Python
  • Using Git for version control.

This step-by-step tutorial will run you through these simple, progressive steps:

  • Installing Python
  • Installing Selenium
  • Creating Automation test scripts
  • Handling various scenarios in the browser
  • Generating reports, and lots more.


Duration: 9 Hours.

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What are you waiting for? Do begin to take the next solid steps to a flourishing and rewarding career in software testing with this set of Top 5 Software Testing Courses Online 2022!



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