Top 5 Game Development Courses Online 2022

At its barest, as one can see, game development is simple to understand: developing or creating games through the use of design elements. Games are a huge rage among people of almost all age groups, and quite understandably: they are visual; they are highly interactive; they are rewarding, and yes, they are also educative. This makes learning the Top 5 Game Development Courses Online 2022 a very valuable proposition.

These factors, combined with the fact that game development is one of the fastest-growing markets for technology, make learning taking a look at the Top 5 Game Development Courses Online 2022 a tempting proposition. Why not, when you consider the following extremely positive aspects of game development:

  • Its market was valued at close to $175 billion globally, with the Asia Pacific region taking the major share of it;
  • It is expected to exceed $300 billion around the middle of the current decade;
  • The projected CAGR of over 60% for 2021-26 makes it worthy of envy!

Aren’t these enough reasons to pursue a career in game development? When this is the kind of market one is looking at, and if this market is set to grow at such a fast pace, doesn’t it make sense to consider the Top 5 Game Development Courses Online 2022?

In the next few sections, we will discover what these Top 5 Game Development Courses Online 2022 from SimplivLearning have to offer, so that you could take a balanced decision about a course that suits you best. So, happy learning with the choice of our courses!


Top 5 Game Development Courses Online 2022


1. 2 Courses in One Create Your First (Android/Windows) Game



Let us get started with this twin pack. It combines two courses into one to help you with all the ammunition you need to create your first android or Windows game. Learners will have the knowledge and skill to be able to make applications and games on these popular operating systems.

At this course, the tutor will examine, in detail, how to:

  • Use basic4Android developing application
  • Build a flowchart of any application
  • Design the application screens
  • Publish your applications on the Google Play store 
  • Include the advertising means so that you monetize your applications.


Duration: 1.1 Hours.

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2. Game Designing Using Scratch



This course will offer you complete knowledge of how to design games using Scratch. For those who are not familiar, Scratch is a gaming platform that the Lifelong Learning Group at the MIT Media Lab has developed, aimed at blending mathematical and computational skills with creativity, reasoning and collaborative working. Heady combination, for sure!

With Scratch, you can create a host of multimedia applications including:

  • Games
  • Simulations
  • Stories and art
  • Animations
  • And, even a few program robots to boot!

This course is just right for those among you who want to gain a level of familiarity with Scratch, this wonder platform, without having to spend a fortune on it. It will highlight how to use event driven programming for creating games. 


Duration: 2.2 Hours.

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3. Learn How To Code Games In Roblox Studio



Figure this entertainment platform out: 

  • 4 million active developers and creators are producing their own games using it
  • A whopping one billion hours of it are played each month
  • As many as 80 million players use this platform.

Well, still guessing which this entertainment platform is? Yes, it is Roblox Studio! This is a fun, friends-focused platform that aims to help just anyone with a sense of imagination create innovative games with a deeply immersive 3D experience.

You can become a part of this responsive community, because this course is aimed at putting you right there, up at this amiable platform. This course will show you the ways of setting up and creating your own Roblox game.

It comes with all the bells and whistles to help you with your learning path, as it comes with five sections aimed at this:

  • Create a Roblox account, install and use Roblox Studio
  • Understand how coding concepts work
  • Develop a “Camping Game” which explains the rules and how to implement them using Lua code
  • Add more functionality and become familiar with more advanced coding techniques
  • Analyze the topics learned and understand how to develop it further.


Duration: 4 Hours.

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4. Unity Game Development Build 2D & 3D Games



Aimed at the absolute beginner and the seasoned programmer as well, this Unity course can rightly claim to be the most comprehensive course on Unity 3d on the Internet. And, it does so for the right reasons.

It has a well charted out learning path, which will guide you through the steps for creating Unity Game Development to build 2D and 3D Games. It will first familiarize you with C#, which will serve as the basis for building games in 2D and 3D games in Unity. 

Continuing with the learning path, it will take you up from the beginning, all the way to the level of professionals. As the learning level goes up, you will be taught advanced topics such as lighting, cinematics, and multiplayer.

These are some of the areas this course covers:

  • Installation and setup
  • Scripting
  • Physics
  • Pathfinding
  • Basic Artificial Intelligence 
  • Camera animations and cutscenes
  • Character animations
  • Lightning and lightmapping, and lots more!


Duration: 35.1 Hours.

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5. Humanoid Characters in Unity



Creating a humanoid character is challenging, not just technically. If the technical aspect of creating one can be addressed, what is more important is the creative aspect. How does one create a humanoid character? How does it blend into the story, what goes into the character, how to use it, and so on are some of the myriad questions a game developer has to pose herself while developing humanoid character.

Not anymore, because this course is aimed at helping you get just the cutting edge finesse needed for creating an effective humanoid character. It is for those who have no background or training in Unity or character development using it. 

It will show them how to mix and match all the elements of humanoid character development, such as:

  • Character creation
  • Rigging
  • Post-processing
  • Game controllers
  • Animation
  • Character controller components
  • Cinemachine
  • Custom C# scripting
  • Finite state machines.


Duration: 16.1 Hours.

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As you can see, this collection of Top 5 Game Development Courses Online 2022 is a great means to help you choose the right mix of learning for making a successful career in game development. In an industry that has so much to offer and which is set for a phenomenal growth curve, we believe this set of courses is the right means to help you get there!


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