Top 5 Cloud Computing Courses Online 2022

It is remotely situated, You may not see it, but the data that make your life and death is housed here, Of course, you can access it as and when you need, and as much as you want to Do you know who or what I am talking about? A clear no-brainer, right? Well, that is the world of cloud computing for, and this blog will show you the way to the Top 5 Cloud Computing Courses Online 2022

Well, like its not so distant cousin, Artificial Intelligence, cloud computing too, could be said have had its origins many decades ago, if we are talking about its most rudimentary beginnings. Like AI, it too, was kind of buried in cold storage for a good few decades, till it made a sensational comeback a good four decades after its origins.

The main goal of cloud computing is to provide easy, quick and scalable access to data that it stores, while also ensuring the data’s security. In other words, data on the cloud must be on demand. For this to happen, cloud computing does its core work: it ensures that client devices are able to access-from remote computers, databases and physical servers-cloud applications and data stored over the Internet.

The history of cloud computing is rather interesting, but let us keep it for another day, because I fear that will take a good part of this blog, which is something I don’t want to do. The reason: I have urgent business to attend to, and that is, guiding you to the Top 5 Cloud Computing Courses Online 2022!

But prior to that, a very brief looksee at cloud computing from an overall perspective:

  • Broadly, anything that has to do with data hosted and delivered remotely over the Net can be said to be part of cloud computing
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) are the three main kinds of cloud computing
  • The cloud consists mainly of frontend and backend data. A central server enables communications between these two
  • Automation technologies and virtualization are the mainstays of cloud computing
  • The cloud can be either private or public, or hybrid
  • Most big organizations are today moving over to community computing or multi-cloud, where different PaaS interact with each other.

Now, let us move on to the Top 5 Cloud Computing Courses Online 2022

I promised you earlier that this is a blog on the Top 5 Cloud Computing Courses Online 2022. I will not disappoint. Here is my little selection of these courses:


Top 5 Cloud Computing Courses Online 2022


1.Cloud Storage Services on Microsoft Azure



Want to explore the various cloud storage options available under the Microsoft Azure platform? This course is ideal for you. This course will put on you a learning path to these platforms, which will prepare you for a career in cloud computing.

At this course, you will be exposed to the Azure platform in all its depth. The tutor will impart his deep experience in helping you understand these concepts with practical, hands-on projects, which will hone your cloud computing skills.

You will learn these topics in this course:

  • Table
  • StorSimple
  • Queue
  • File
  • Disk
  • Data Lake
  • Archive
  • Backup 
  • BloB


Duration: 4 Hours

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2.Cloud Migration on AWS and Microsoft Azure


This is a wonderful opportunity to explore Amazon Cloud- Amazon Web Services, whose concepts and methodologies you will be learning with practical exercises at this course. This course will open your mind to all the available Cloud Migration tools and services under catalog. You will a grasp of what all can be done with each service.

A thorough combination of theory and practical demonstration, this course will help you get a proper idea of cloud migration tools and services available on Microsoft Azure cloud platform. These include database migration, physical migration from on-premise data center to the cloud, from cloud to on-premise, between different cloud vendors such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), IBM Bluemix, as well as recovery and backup options with site recovery.

You will get a solid understanding of these migration services offered by Microsoft Azure:

  • DataBox edge
  • DataBox
  • Database Migration
  • Data Gateway
  • Azure Migrate
  • Site Recovery

Duration: 1.5 Hours

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3.Big Data on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud


As the growth in the number of organizations moving towards Big Data and Data Science explodes unabated, there is a surging and urgent need for professionals who specialize in Big Data and AWS technologies. This course will put you on the road to understanding simple ways of using Big Data tools on AWS. It will help you get a thorough grasp of Big Data analytics and AWS Cloud.

It will show you the possibilities of Big Data on AWS and give you a practical experience of how to use AWS and the ways of implementing Big Data solutions on the cloud. You will also gain an understanding of EMR, Athena and Elasticsearch.

This course will cover the following topics:

  • Overview of Big Data on AWS
  • Big Data Storage & databases on AWS
  • Big Data Analytic Frameworks using AWS EMR, Athena and Elasticsearch
  • Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning
  • Big Data Computation on AWS
  • Business Intelligence on AWS
  • Data Warehousing on AWS Redshift
  • Real-Time Big Data Analytics on AWS
  • How all of these work together.


Duration: 6.54 Hours

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4.Infrastructure as a Service Solutions with Azure


Microsoft Azure’s Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is a powerful platform with which users enjoy the flexibility and freedom that helps them scale and automate their virtual machines on demand, which, when done right, makes cloud management robust. 

At this course, you will get into the core of Infrastructure as a Service with Microsoft Azure. You will get a practical knowledge of managing various Azure Services with which makes business over the cloud effective. The result is that you will be able to enable your business needs over the cloud most optimally by leveraging the various services that are inherent in IaaS. 

This course will delve into the following areas:

  • Subscription and Resource Management in Azure
  • Working with various resource groups and policies through the Azure Portal
  • Azure Storage services
  • Azure Networking
  • Setting up your Virtual Networks
  • Controlling network traffic using Azure Traffic Manager and Security Groups
  • Hosting your domain name server with Azure DNS
  • Leveraging Azure Compute
  • Working with Azure Virtual Machines
  • Downloading specialized Virtual Machines from the Azure Marketplace based on your business requirements.


Duration: 8.4 Hours

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5.Machine Learning and Data Science with AWS



While getting a grasp of the concepts and methods that explain how Machine Learning and Data Science work with Microsoft AWS is important, knowing the ways of developing and deploying those concepts in real life is imperative, because that is what matters to the industry. 

This course offers you practical understanding of how Data Science and Big Data work with Microsoft Azure, one of the most powerful cloud platforms out there, which helps organizations deploy everything related to their data and business to scale remotely and perform the required actions.

You will gain a very functional understanding of how use various cloud services on AWS to conceptualize, build and deploy your ideas into actions on multiple domains on Machine Learning and Data Science in the real world. 

This course offers practical examples of the various topics that are organized under respective sections. Broadly, these include:

  • Creating a crawler in Glue
  • Analyzing dataset using SQL in Amazon Athena
  • Preparing a dataset for creating Data Visualization charts and reports, which offer critical insights for the decision-making process
  • Creating calculated fields, excluded lists and filters on AWS Quicksight
  • Advanced charts such as Word cloud and Funnel chart
  • Natural Language Processing and its application using AWS Comprehend and Translate. 


Duration: 1.49 Hours

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We are confident that these Top 5 Cloud Computing Courses Online 2022 is a proper pick that will help you advance in your career in cloud computing. We hope this selection is of value and use to you in doing so. Feel free to let us know your thoughts on these courses!


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