​Top 5 Machine Learning Courses Online 2022

If there is one mantra that is ubiquitous and on the lips of everyone who is someone in technology, it has to be, well, no prizes for guessing: Machine Learning. What makes it so? From where did this field emerge into so much prominence? What all can one accomplish with Machine Learning? The answer to questions like these will perhaps be the basis to understanding the Top 5 Machine Learning Courses Online 2022.

So, first off, let us sit back and try to get at least an elementary grasp of this leviathan of a science. What makes it so gargantuan? Why are individuals and companies falling over each other to invest in ML and willing to pay heaps of money to ML professionals?

What is Machine Learning?

Let us begin at the beginning. To put Machine Learning in simple terms, it is not the learning humans acquire from machines, but actually, quite the opposite: making machines learn how to work, i.e., take their next steps, without being explicitly programmed to do so. This is, by any stretch of the imagination, to paraphrase Neil Armstrong’s iconic words, a giant step for mankind. Why? Because it not only eliminates a major step in computer intelligence; it takes these machines closer to thinking and behaving like humans.

Yes, we could fight (figuratively speaking, of course), over the pros and cons of something as momentous for humankind as Machine Learning, but that is a topic for another day and occasion. Men have fought over women, over property, overpower, over God, and over whatnot, so we can fight over technology, too! 

Jokes aside, what I want to focus on in this blog is to help you arrive at a sensible decision about which ​Top 5 Machine Learning Courses Online 2022 you could find useful in your career advancement. 

Let me lead you into this main topic step-by-step (am I thinking like a computer already?). Let me start with giving you a very basic understanding of Machine Learning and then go on to touch upon what it pays to be an ML professional, through which I will offer my explanation of the Top 5 Machine Learning Courses Online 2022.

Understanding Machine Learning and its prospects

I will be concise in my illustration of this topic, because, if I get into the details of this topic, I could exhaust reams of paper. To plainly reiterate my main question of what ML is: it is a branch (or subset, if you like), of Artificial Intelligence by which machines can be made to self-program, well, almost, that is, if you want to eliminate the major headache of having to program it for every sundry task.

When this is the paradigm that Machine Learning is, it goes without saying that the world of technology is going bonkers over harnessing it for some of the most earthshaking changes that it could bring about. Well, imagine a world in which ML could blend in with other technologies to altering everything that we live in today, right up to something biological, social and anthropological as the way humans organize and govern themselves. This is how far-reaching the changes that ML and its buddies like IoT, blockchain, Data Science, and other partners in crime (!) could bring about, will be.

The consequences of these changes are simply too huge to be imagined or described. Needless to say, this is a monster of an industry, since it is global and has branched out of the trunk of its elder sibling, AI. Today, the estimate for this industry could easily run into tens of billions of dollars globally. It is equally unsurprising that a midlevel Machine Learning professional could average $131,000. 


Top 5 Machine Learning Courses Online 2022


1. Hands-On Problem Solving for Machine Learning


Feeble Machine Learning models, tenuous models and porous data are some of the vital problems that need fixing. What does one need for this? Quite some knowledge of the logic of Machine Learning, but more than that, solid intuition. The good news is that you can learn the intuition needed for addressing these issues concerning Machine Learning.

Equipping you with this nous is this course, which is completely hands-on, and offers you out-of-the-book solutions to face problems that you could face at work. What will this course help you achieve?     

  • A toolbox for Machine Learning in Python that you can deploy in just 30 minutes
  • Repairing linear models that forecast wrong numbers
  • Handling overfitting and ensure that the generalizations that the models make hold good for the future
  • Fixing classification models that mislabel data points
  • Cleaning messy datasets from your work recycle them in Python    
  • Learning how to future-proof your Machine Learning pipeline!

Duration: 2 Hour 40 Minutes.

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2. Understanding Machine Learning



Machine Learning applications are all about logic. Logic not only in terms of how the technology works, but also how to put it to business use. As Machine Learning expands its reach and straddles more and more industries in its use, it is imperative that organizations learn to leverage Machine Learning for business, as it can help them grow while economizing.

This course is aimed at helping Machine Learning professionals understand the ways of creating the right set of Machine Learning algorithms with which businesses carry out their intended purposes. It will show how to use Python for this. It will cover steps such as data processing, normalization, scaling, and so on, while also touching upon neural networks, regression, overfitting, hyper parameter fitting, and so on.  

Most importantly, this course will teach you how to use Machine Learning to create a real world product that works to its intended use. You will understand:

  • Machine Learning models
  • Building these models
  • Building a linear regression model with Machine Learning.


Duration: 1.2 Hours.

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3. Object Detection using Machine Learning



Object detection is the very core of Artificial Intelligence. A no-brainer this, you will say. Agree, but shouldn’t you become familiar with something that is as vital and indispensable to Machine Learning as this?

This being the very essence of Machine Learning, this course on object detection is aimed at equipping its learners with this essential technique for artificial visualization in robotics. 

It goes beyond what you learnt at college. This course is for those who, despite being of a nontechnical background and with no coding experience, can train for learning about TensorFlow. Using their own robust dataset, learners of this course can detect their own object in their very own environment.

Being highly structured, this course is divided into the following sections:

  • TensorFlow: 
  • Introduction to latest framework 2021
  • CPU installation with anaconda
  • GPU installation with NVIDIA Toolkit and CUDNN library (optional)
  • Preparing dataset using Kaggle’s dataset or custom dataset 
  • Image annotation to perform faster RCNN algorithm
  • Conversion to TFRECORD for input pipeline
  • Training your own model with tensor board visualization
  • Deploy your trained model on Android application, web application and real-time application


Duration: 2.3 Hours.

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4. Road Map to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Link: https://www.simplivlearning.com/machinelearning/road-map-to-artificial-intelligence-and-machine-learning 

This course is for the learner who is taking the first steps towards gaining knowledge of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. You could think of this as a curiosity-arousing first step that will help you get a thorough understanding of these technologies. It expects no prior knowledge of any of these topics. In other words, it requires the learner to only have the passion to learn these technologies.

It will put you on a clear roadmap to getting a proper understanding of AI and ML. This is how the course is prepared for this path:

  • The basics of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • The prerequisites needed for starting a Machine Learning project
  • Choosing the best programming language for AI
  • The level of mathematical knowledge needed for AI
  • The best suited AI Engine/Tool/Framework for AI 
  • The need to learn Algorithms
  • Types of Machine Learning Algorithms with Real time scenario examples.


Duration: 54 Minutes

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5. Machine Learning for Apps

This is a hardcore learning session on how to use AI to build apps. This highly exciting and challenging course will teach you how to build intelligent apps and make your own ML models.

It will teach you the foundation of Machine Learning and core ML, foundational Python, lets you build a classification model that allows your apps to make predictions, show you how to build a neural network for your app that can classify human writing, and explain how to pass in images to Apples pre trained model – MobileNet. 

A major benefit of this course is that with it, you will be able use ML and AI for iOS.

One of the bonuses of this course is that it gives you the opportunity to become a part of the live community of other students, whom you can reach out to, free of cost.  

All these of course, are apart from the solid learning that this course offers in the following areas:

  • Code professionally without copying and pasting 
  • You will build real projects, which will help your learning stay in the mind
  • Build apps that can make predictions, the hallmark of an ML app.

Duration: 54 Minutes

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We are confident that this collection of ​Top 5 Machine Learning Courses Online 2022 is the ideal means to take you up the ladder to professional Machine Learning coding. We hope you think so, too!

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