Top 5 C Programming Courses Online 2022

A question a computer science student or any programmer who is starting a career is up against is: “Why should I learn C programming?”. Quite a valid question, you might think. After all, it dates to almost half a century, a span that in this field should be the equivalent of an aeon.  This blog not only answers this question; it will help you get guidance on Top 5 C Programming Courses Online 2022.

At first glance, this language appears like an outdated and raw language. So, when this is the case, why on earth should someone in this time and place learn a language that evolved from assembly language, meaning the first language to directly communicate with the machine?

Well, that is the whole point about C. You could consider it the root or the edifice to the concept of computer programming. It is on this language that all the computer languages that we use today are built. Similarly, it can be said safely that the programmer who learns C has laid the foundation for computer programming as a career. It is as fundamental to computer programming as walking is to humans. Did any human ever learn to run without first learning to walk? In this instance, C is what one can analogically relate to walking.

So, with these facts about C programming in mind, it is time to explore the Top 5 C Programming Courses Online 2022!

Top 5 C Programming Courses Online 2022!

1 . C Programming For Beginners



A beginners’ course on the language meant for beginners? Well, that is right. That is what this course is. It is time to pack your bags and get started with your kindergarten lessons, well, metaphorically speaking!

This course will familiarize you with the basic concepts of C. A whole bunch of related learning will be taught in this course. These include:

  • Using Libraries
  • Scopes and blocks
  • Recursion
  • Pointers user-defined data type
  • Memory management
  • Data type
  • Dynamic memory management
  • File handling
  • Flow control of the program
  • Functions and arrays
  • Projects in C.

2 . Pointer in C Step By Step Hands-On!



This course is an eye-opener on Pointers. So, what are Pointers in the C language? They may be defined as variables that store the address of another variable, which could be type int, array, char, function, or any other pointer.

Knowledge of Pointers is necessary to the C programmer. This course will give you solid insights into this aspect in an easy to understand manner. It consists of short, to-the-point learning on Pointers in a scientific and precise manner without meandering. It will give you an understanding of the concept in a way you won’t find in textbooks or YouTube videos.

This is a course aimed at the intermediate learner, and will include learning in these areas:

  • A proper understanding of Pointers
  • Type Mismatch
  • The way in which Pointers are adjusted in computer memory
  • Single, Double, Triple Pointer
  • Pre and Post Increment Pointer
  • L-value and R-value
  • Arithmetic Operation on Pointer
  • Dynamic Memory Allocation
  • Generic, NULL Pointers
  • malloc, calloc, realloc
  • Memory Leaks and Dangling Reference
  • Pointers with Const keyword
  • Segmentation Faults.

3 . C Programming Basics For Microcontrollers & Embedded System


Top 5 C Programming Courses


This modular course on C programming for microcontrollers and embedded systems is for learners who want to know the basics of C programming and want to start programming with microcontrollers. It is aimed at anyone who has no idea about microcontrollers. It offers very interesting learning by interspersing it with highly relevant and interesting examples. You will go step-by-step through the lessons each time with sample code and documentation.

The following topics are covered in this course:

  • Program microcontrollers with C programming language
  • Making a user-friendly program
  • Basics of coding in C
  • How to locate errors in your code easily and effectively.

4 . C Programming For Beginners – Learn C Language From Basic to Advance


Top 5 C Programming Courses


This course will teach you the fundamentals of programming languages. It will focus on C language in particular. It will help you dissect and explore C by debugging and executing each and every statement so that you grasp the idea of a computer language overall.

This course will give you the skill and the proficiency to be able to develop your own programs in C++ using Procedural Oriented Methods. What is more; you will have the ability to compete in national and international coding competitions!

Let us get down to understanding what this course has to offer in terms of topics:

  • The essentials of programming languages
  • Concepts of C programming language
  • How to work with different environments
  • Encryption and decryption techniques using the C programming language
  • Running your encryption and decryption application
  • Writing code in C++ using C language concepts
  • Learn competitive programming by taking part in the biggest coding competition!

5 . C Programming from Scratch to Master


Top 5 C Programming Courses


Looking for a C programming course that will elevate you from beginner to expert? This course is what you need. It offers a complete introduction to the ANSI C language, in which portability and structured design are emphasized. Major language elements including fundamental data types, flow control, and standard function libraries, are introduced.

You will get an explanation of the use of aggregate structures, unions, and pointers, which will help you practice extensively. To reinforce learning and help develop competency for the real world, this course integrates comprehensive hands-on exercises all along.

It will cover these important areas of C programming:

  • Arrays
  • Strings
  • Structure
  • Pointer
  • Variables
  • Operators
  • Looping
  • Datatypes
  • Conditional Statements.

These are what is on the plate among our Top 5 C Programming Courses Online 2022!  We hope that you will find the contents of this collection of courses useful, and will take the right steps to enhance your knowledge and advance in your career.


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