5 Best Udemy C Programming Courses Online 2022

Because so many other languages have been developed on C, it is often referred to as the “mother of all languages.” C is one of the most powerful languages ever invented, despite its simplicity. Despite the fact that it was founded over 40 years ago, it is still extensively used and is frequently ranked in the top 5 or 10 most popular and commonly used programming languages in the world. And to help you do the same, today, we’re going to list down the top 5 Best Udemy C Programming Courses Online 2022.

Learning C can help you develop better in other languages like C++, Java, or C# by providing you with a mental picture of what the computer does when you execute your programmes. You may design more efficient programmes and get a significant edge over other programmers by studying how things truly function “under the hood,” such as memory space, CPU architecture, and so on. Learning C is an excellent place to start if you want to become a better developer. So let us start with the list of 5 Best Udemy C Programming Courses Online 2022.


5 Best Udemy C Programming Courses Online 2022


1. C Programming For Beginners – Master the C Language



By the end of this course, you’ll have a better understanding of the C programming language’s fundamentals and will be more employable for entry-level programming jobs. You will learn about variables and data types, be able to use functions and arrays, comprehend the concept of pointers, and learn about control flow. You’ll be able to apply for real-time programming jobs and actually comprehend the basic language upon which most current languages are built! If you’ve worked with the C programming language before, this course will help you understand it better. If you’ve never used it before, don’t worry; you’ll see how it can help you become a more efficient C programmer.


The course contains:

  • Understand the fundamentals of the C Programming Language
  • Create your first C Application
  • Understand variables and the different data types
  • Understand the core language that most modern languages are based on
  • Make yourself more marketable for entry-level programming positions
  • Learn one of the most popular, widely used languages in the world
  • Apply for real-time programming positions
  • Learn how to write high-quality code


Duration Of Course: 24 Hours 3 Minutes


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2. Complete C Programming Course – C Language for Students



The Course Is Designed For College Freshmen (+Over 100 Exercises with Complete Solutions). For a few years now, They have been working at the Academy as an Academic Personnel (mostly teaching “C” Programming for Beginners, Intermediate “C Language,” and even “C Programming” advanced topics).  Why not make it simple and enjoyable for a large number of students to learn C programming? Learning C programming can seem like a nightmare, but if they do it right, “C” can be a lot of fun!


The course contains:-

  • Fundamentals of Programming
  • C Programming Language Concepts & Usage
  • Logical Operators
  • Functions – declaration | definition | usage
  • 2D Arrays – Matrices
  • Recursion – Concept | Usage
  • Animated Explanation & Illustrations – Explaining “Hard Topics” EASY
  • Arrays in C
  • Constants
  • Different types of Loops (including For, While, and Do-While in C)
  • Conditions & Control Flow (controlling the execution flow of a C Program)


Duration Of Course: 41 Hours 19 Minutes


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3. Microcontroller Embedded C Programming: Absolute Beginners



Creators of the best-selling microcontroller programming and RTOS courses, with over 65,000+ active students and a devoted co-instructor staff to assist you in your embedded programming journey. Embedded C, microcontroller programming, RTOS programming, embedded Linux, and Linux device driver development are among the courses They have released. If you’re just getting started in embedded programming or want to learn how to programme a microcontroller and its peripherals from the ground up, you’ve come to the perfect spot.

Enrol in one of their courses, and we promise you won’t be disappointed.


The Course Contains:

  • Importance of bitwise operators
  • Usage of bit manipulation techniques to program MCU peripheral registers
  • accessing memory-mapped registers using pointers
  • pointers and casting
  • structures, bitfields, unions, and bit extraction techniques
  • representing hardware registers details and configuring them using ‘C’ structure definitions
  • Usage of const and volatile type qualifiers
  • Interpret complex variable definitions involving the combination of const and volatile
  • The precise usage of const pointers, const data, volatile const, with pointer and non-pointer variables
  • Analysing the behaviour of the code during compiler optimization and solution using volatile
  • Functions and friends
  • Data types, variables definitions, storage class specifiers and much more
  • Loops: while, for, do. While


Duration Of Course: 16 Hours 36 Minutes


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4. Beginning C++ Programming – From Beginner to Beyond



For starters, you’ll study Modern C++. Many, if not all, other Udemy courses teach you archaic, out-of-date versions of C++. If you’re going to study C++, you should learn the Modern version in order to optimise your career options and keep your skills current. The style of the course contains theory and ideas that are reinforced by real code examples. The C++ debugger is frequently used to step through code and study variables in order to better understand how C++ works. The instructor also writes on the screen with a pen tablet to provide even more visual explanations. You won’t find better C++ training anywhere, and you will struggle to find someone with as much industry and training experience as their Instructor Frank has.


The course contains: –

  • Looping with while, do/while for, range-based for statements and recursion\
  • Performing calculations and displaying results
  • Functions
  • Pointers
  • Using existing classes and creating objects
  • Creating your own classes
  • Basic Standard Template Library classes such as Vector
  • Constructors and Destructors
  • Copy and Move semantics including Copy constructors, Move constructors, and copy and move assignment
  • How to overload operators
  • Using inheritance and class hierarchies
  • Polymorphic functions and dynamic binding
  • Implementing smart pointers
  • Learn about stream I/O
  • An introduction to the C++ STL
  • Introduction to Exception Handling


Duration Of Course: 45 Hours 59 Minutes


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5. Master The C Programming Language



The C programming language is a strong and widely used computer language. It remains the most popular programming language among programmers. If you’re seeking to get into programming, I recommend starting with C since it allows you to learn the fundamentals in-depth and provide a solid foundation for a successful career as a software developer. This C language course is a great place to start if you’re a beginner or someone who wants to learn how to program.

You will begin to develop key programming abilities through this course by utilising simple and easy-to-understand examples; once you have completed the course, you will have a thorough comprehension of the structures in the C programming language. There is a common misconception that programming is difficult; yet, programming can be enjoyable if you understand the fundamentals. This course will focus on those fundamentals and attempt to dispel any myths by teaching subjects using simple and easy-to-understand examples. Having said that, it is also critical that you schedule time for programming on a daily basis.


This Course Contains:-

  • Gain familiarity and confidence in C Programming Language right from the basics.
  • Start building your own command-line tools.
  • Remove the fear if any about Pointers, start playing with them.


Duration Of Course: 8 Hours 29 Minutes


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