How to convert Double to String in Java

 A string is a sequence of characters in computer programming that may be used as a literal constant or as a variable. The latter may allow for the mutation of its elements and the modification of their length. Or it may be fixed (after creation). A string is a data type that is frequently implemented as an array data structure of bytes (or words) that records a succession of items, most commonly characters, using some character encoding. More generic arrays or other sequences (or list) data types and structures can also be represented using a string.

The double data type, also known as double, is a data type in the JAVA programming language that aids in the storage of high-precision floating-point numbers or data in computer memory. This data type is also known as double because it can hold twice the amount of information and data as a float type. So today let us start with How to convert Double to String in Java.


What’s The Approach?


  • Import the java. util package into the class.


  • Now within the main method create a new object of Scanner class, for example, Scanner sc=new Scanner(System. in);


  • Use the Scanner class to get the input from the user.


  • Implement Double.toString(double_variable); to convert the double to String type.


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Java Program to convert Double to String in Java


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 * How to Covert Double to String
import java.util.*;
public class Double_to_String
    public static void main(String args[])
        // Creating an object of Scanner class
        Scanner sc= new Scanner(;
        // taking input from  the user
        System.out.print("Enter the Double value: ");
        double num=sc.nextDouble();
        // converting double to string
        String s = Double.toString(num);
        System.out.println("String is = " + s);


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