Top 5 C Programming Courses Online 2022

In computer science, learning a programming language right from the beginning helps a lot. However, there are hundreds of programming languages, so choosing a specific programming language to know in your early days gives a head start. If you have a computer science background and plan to learn a language, starting with C language will favor you. However, learning C on your own is pretty tricky if you don’t have prior programming knowledge, as C programming comes on the list of some of the most difficult programming languages to learn. So taking an online course to understand C is going to benefit you a lot. But with so many online courses available, it becomes very confusing to decide which system is a better choice. Therefore, today we are listing the top 5 C programming courses you can register yourself online in the year 2022.


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Top 5 C Programming Courses Online 2022


1. C Programming For Beginners — Master the C Language

If you don’t have prior programming knowledge, this course is designed for you, and learn C as your first programming language. It is structured in a beginner-friendly way so that grasping complex concepts becomes easy. The system is available on the Udemy platform and is organized by Learn Programming Academy and Jason Fedin.


Fundamental concepts of programming have been described very wisely in this course. Also, pointers, structure, and File I/O are explained in-depth, so when learning C++, you won’t face many difficulties.


The Course Content Contains :

  • Introduction
  • Basic Concepts
  • Variables & Data Types
  • Operators
  • Control Flow
  • Arrays
  • Functions
  • Character Strings
  • Debugging
  • Pointers
  • Structures
  • File Input/Output

Duration24 Hours.


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2. Introductory C Programming Specialization 

Starting your journey in computer science by having a specialization in a programming language will give you a significant morale boost. This course offered on the Coursera platform is excellent if C is your first programming language. “Introduction To Programming in C” is designed by Duke University, and at the end of this course, the specialization certificate you’ll receive is certified by the same university.


The primary emphasis of this course focuses on the fundamentals of programming. However, significant videos are there in the class to help students understand complex problems easily. You will be building a capstone project that this project will complete at the end of this course.


The Course Content Contains :

  • Programming fundamentals
  • Writing, Running, and Fixing Code in C
  • Pointers, Arrays, and Recursion
  • Interacting With The System And Managing Memory

Duration100 Hours.


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3. C Programming Tutorials For Beginners

If you want a free course to learn C programming, then this 4 hours free youtube course is for you. This is a four-hour-long video available on the FreeCodeCamp youtube channel. The instructor of this course, Mike Dane, will teach you all the concepts you need to become a C programmer in four fours.


The Course Content Contains :

  • Introduction
  • Setting Up
  • Variables
  • Data Types
  • Comments
  • Constants
  • Getting User Input
  • Building Project
  • Control Structures
  • Structures
  • Writing Files
  • Reading Files

Duration4 Hours.


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4. Learn C from Scratch

The significant aspect of this course is focused on teaching fundamental concepts of C programming. These fundamentals are going to make the process of learning any programming language significantly easier. The course is available for free on the Educative platform. From basic modules to some advanced modules, this course covers all of them.

Apart from teaching fundamental programming concepts, this course also teaches how to debug your code.


The Course Content Contains :

  • Introduction
  • Basic Types, Operators, and Expressions
  • Control Flow
  • Functions
  • Complex Data Types
  • Memory: Stack vs Heap
  • Pointers
  • Strings
  • Input and Output
  • Macros and the C Preprocessor
  • Compiling, and Header Files
  • Debugging
  • Advanced Topics
  • Setting Up Your Environment

DurationNot Mentioned.


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5. Advanced C Programming 

If any of the courses mentioned above doesn’t suit your taste, this course will surely spark interest. If you have prior experience in the C language, it is excellent to learn advanced concepts that can help you excel. This course covers advanced C concepts like creating main function arguments, creating more valuable variables, etc.


Moreover, with the help of this course, you get to learn how to use pointers in your C programs more effectively. This course is available on the Linkedin Learning platform. Therefore, the certificate you’ll receive at the time of course completion will make your resume more valuable.


The Course Content Contains :

  • Introduction
  • C Programming: Weird-Symbol Roundup
  • Main Function Arguments
  • Beyond Basic Variables
  • Arrays and Structures
  • Pointer Tips

DurationNot Mentioned


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Conclusion: Top 5 C Programming Courses Online 2022


If you’re a beginner, make sure to practice whatever is taught in the courses. Starting learning, C seems somewhat challenging, but with the lessons we’ve listed, you’ll overcome these challenges pretty quickly.


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