Urgent Google Chrome Update

Internet browsing is what we all do every day. It wouldn’t be wrong if we say that it’s a part of our daily lifestyle. But to access the internet, we need a browser. There are different types of browsers that you can use to do various sorts of tasks. From downloading to simple searching everything’s done here. But as we are all dependent on browsers to connect us with the internet. Sometimes a specific version of a browser might have a vulnerability for which there is already an available exploit. One can easily dig up all the necessary information about the victim if he/she gets access to one’s browser. A few days ago Google released an urgent Google Chrome update for its users.


Where Does This Vulnerability Focus?


This vulnerability focuses on Chrome browsers on desktops like Linux, Windows & Mac. Though this is a zero-day vulnerability security researchers found that an exploit is already there.

Identified by CVE-2021-37973 it can be described as a web page navigation system that displays another web page on a miniature scale using as use after free in Portals API


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Who Reported Urgent Google Chrome Update? 


Clément Lecigne reported this critical vulnerability to the public. However, it’s a relief that no active exploitation of this Vulnerability is taking place.


Bottom Line


If you use Linux, Mac, or Windows operating system then update to the latest possible version of Google Chrome on your system. 


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