Urgent Zero-Day Day Bug Fixes For Mac, iPhone and iPad Devices!

Apple devices have their ecosystem, which makes its users feel comfortable as Apple products seamlessly integrate into an instant. With excellent performance and great user experience all Apple devices leading their product segment. However, more than that Apple devices are also known for security and privacy which the company assures. But recently some bugs have been found in most used Apple devices, i.e Mac, iPhone and iPad. Let’s see in this article what urgent zero-day bug fixes for Mac iPhone and iPad devices have Apple announced.


Where Did These Zero-Day Day Bug Fixes For Mac, iPhone and iPad Devices Focus On? 


This year is pretty much filled with vulnerabilities in Apple devices, with multiple 0 days being already found. On Monday Apple released an urgent update for Mac, iPhone and iPad Devices. This is the thirteenth vulnerability Apple has fixed with urgent updates this year.


More noticeable thing is that this update has been released just a week after the company released iOS 14.7, iPad 14.7, and macOS Big Sur 11.5 to the public. However, with this latest patch update, Apple has fixed a memory corruption flaw (CVE-2021-30807). This flaw in the system can be used by an attacker to gain kernel-level privilege. The worst-case scenario might result in the execution of arbitrary code with kernel-level privileges from the above-mentioned Apple devices.


Is This Update Related To Pegasus Spyware?


Well, we can’t say anything at the moment cause the vulnerability has not been made public completely yet. However, one good way to find links between the urgent zero-day update from Apple with Pegasus Spyware could be that this update has been released quickly just a week later after apple’s previous security update.

But as from the Company’s statement, this update is nowhere related to Pegasus Spyware.


Final Verdicts


So if you are an Apple product user then we would highly recommend you to quickly update your devices with the latest software updates provided by the company itself.


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