Top 5 Best Javascript Courses Online 2022

Nowadays, everyone wants to become a software engineer and due to ongoing technological advancements. The demand for software engineers is getting more and more intense. Specifically in software engineering, if you’re mesmerized by how websites get created. Then diving deep into web development might give you more exposure. However, learning a programming language is very beneficial, at the same time, crucial for career opportunities. JavaScript is one of the top ten popular programming languages to learn in the year 2022. So if you’re planning to learn JavaScript. Enrolling in the right online course is very helpful. So, to ease up the process of finding the perfect online course for your JavaScript learning journey. Today, we’ll list the Top 5 Best JavaScript Courses you can enrol online in the year 2022.


Top 5 Best JavaScript Courses Online 2022


1. The Complete JavaScript Course 2022: From Zero To Expert

One of the most popular JavaScript courses available online. The instructor of this course is Jonas Schmedtmann, a full-stack web developer with experience of more than ten years. So whatever you’ll learn in this course is going to be taught by an industry expert.

Though it is ok not to have prior knowledge of programming, the instructor of this course notes that exposure to HMTL and CSS will be beneficial.


The Course Content Contains :


  • JavaScript fundamentals.
  • Functions, Objects, and Arrays.
  • Loops.
  • VS Code Setup.
  • HTML & CSS crash course.
  • DOM Manipulation and Events.
  • Internal processes of JavaScript.
  • Object-Oriented Programming in JavaScript.
  • Asynchronous JavaScript.
  • Modules and Tooling.


Duration68 hours.


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2. JavaScript: Understanding The Weird Parts 

Suppose you’re somewhat familiar with JavaScript and know some programming languages. Then, this JavaScript course is going to be the best fit for you. JavaScript: Understanding Weird Parts is for those individuals who have prior knowledge of programming.


In this course, you’ll be familiarized with some advanced concepts of JavaScript. With the help of relevant illustrative examples. Grasping these advanced concepts becomes pretty easy in this course. This online JavaScript course is going to prepare you for practical work environments.


The Course Content Contains :


  • Building your own JS framework or library.
  • Examining popular JS frameworks and libraries.
  • Execution context and lexical environments.
  • Existence and Booleans.
  • IIFEs (Immediately Invoked Functions Expressions).
  • JSON and Object Literals.
  • Objects and functions.
  • Operator precedence and associativity.
  • Prototypal inheritance.


Duration11.5 hours.


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3. Learn JavaScript With Codeacademy

This is one of the most beginner-friendly JavaScript courses we’ll be discussing today. Even if you’ve never heard of programming/coding before, then also you can learn JavaScript. With multiple exercises, frequent quizzes, and thoroughly-explained examples.


The Course Content Contains :


  • Introduction to JavaScript.
  • Arrays and loops.
  • How to make decisions with JS.
  • JavaScript and jQuery with HTML and CSS.
  • Writing reusable code with functions and scope.


Duration20 hours.


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4. The Modern JavaScript Tutorial


This course is recommended for beginners as well as advanced JavaScript programmers. The class gets divided into three sections covering basic as well as advanced topics.


You will learn about the basics of JavaScript in the first section of this course. The second section discusses dynamic web page creation, positioning, interface creation, etc. In the third section, additional articles are available for students to learn and gain knowledge of advanced JavaScript concepts.


The Course Content Contains :


  • JavaScript fundamentals
  • Prototypes and inheritance
  • Regular expressions
  • Storing data in the browser
  • Advanced working with functions
  • Configuring object properties
  • Cross-window communication
  • Document and resource loading
  • Generators, advanced iteration
  • Introduction to Events
  • Network requests
  • Web components


DurationSelf Paced.


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5. Introduction To JavaScript


Offered by, this introductory JavaScript course is designed for individuals having tiny to no experience with programming before. This course acts as an excellent guide if you’re learning JavaScript as your first programming language.


With coding exams designed for each individual, you’ll get to test your knowledge after you finish each topic.


The Course Content Contains :


  • Creating simple JS programs
  • Global scope and functions
  • Learning about the conditional and multiple conditional operators
  • Commenting on the JS code
  • Accessing multi-dimensional arrays with indexes
  • Appending variables to strings
  • Compound assignment with augmented addition/subtraction/multiplication/division
  • Testing objects for properties
  • Understanding string immutability
  • Using the Assignment Operator for initializing variables and storing values


DurationSelf Paced.


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Conclusion: Top 5 Best JavaScript Courses Online 2022


Whether you’re a complete beginner or an advanced JavaScript programmer, we have listed the best courses that will help you expand your knowledge about JavaScript as a programming language.


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