Top 5 PHP Courses Online 2022

Web development is now becoming more and more popular with every passing day. However, specifically in web development, there are two types. i.e., front-end and back-end development, those who can do both are known as full-stack web developers. For front-end web development, there are many popular technologies. As for Back-end, there is Java, Node.js, and PHP; among all these technologies, PHP has the most developed ecosystem. There are applications built using PHP; the website you’re reading this post on is also made using PHP. So when planning on getting into Back-end development, learning PHP has an edge of excellent community support. And if you’re searching for an online course to learn PHP in the year 2022, then you’re at the right place. Cause today we’re going to list down Top 5 PHP courses you can complete online in the year 2022.


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Top 5 PHP Courses Online 2022


1. PHP for Beginners 

best PHP Courses for Beginners

PHP for Beginners is the most loved course for PHP development on Udemy if you’re a beginner. There aren’t any prerequisites, so you can also learn PHP quickly, even if you know a little bit of HTML. A complete hands-on approach has been followed in this course, so whatever you’re going to learn, you’ll also build the same during this course.


In this course, you’ll learn how to build a content management system like Drupal, WordPress, etc., from complete scratch. Also, you are going to be introduced to databases like MySQL. Usage of APIs, forms, sessions, and pagination has also been taught.


The Course Content Contains :


  • Introduction
  • Control Structures
  • PHP Functions/ Custom Functions
  • Forms
  • PHP Security
  • Object-Oriented Programming
  • Working With Files.
  • Building CMS
  • Debugging

Duration: 38 Hours.


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2. Build a Social Network from Scratch 

project based PHP course for beginners

Many popular social media sites we use today have also been built using PHP. Also, in this course, you’re going to develop the same. In Build a Social Network From Scratch, you’re going to be building a social media site from the complete beginning. Reece Kenny, the instructor of this course, will teach all the functionalities present in a well-developed social media site to you. Along the way, you can customize the project you’re building if you have prior knowledge of web development.


At the end of this course, a proper way of publishing your social media site on the internet is also described.


The Course Content Contains :

  • Introduction
  • Forms
  • Styling
  • Social Media Site Development

Duration: 17 Hours.


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3. Web Applications for Everybody 

best course to learn PHP on Coursera

Web Application For Everybody is a specialization course offered by the University of Michigan on the Coursera platform. Also, this list of top 5 PHP courses online in 2022 is the only course providing specialization in web application development.


Apart from PHP, you are also going to learn SQL, jQuery, JavaScipt. So if you don’t know anything about programming, then this course is the best fit for you.


The Course Content Contains :

  • Building Web Applications In PHP
  • Introduction To Structured Query Language(SQL)
  • Building Database Applications In PHP
  • JavaScript, jQuery, and JSON

Duration: Not Described.


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4. PHP Fundamentals

best PHP course from Pluralsight

One of the friendliest courses on this list is PHP Fundamentals by PluralSight. However, this course is highly recommended for beginners who have just taken steps into the world of web development. But one catch is, here, majorly is discussed about PHP only. Therefore having beginner knowledge of HTML is going to be effective.


In this course, the LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL) stack is used, so you’re going to learn Linux, Apache, and MySQL as well.


The Course Content Contains :

  • Introduction
  • General Types
  • Functions
  • Strings
  • Arrays
  • Classes & Objects
  • Operators & Control Structures
  • Databases
  • Web Programming

Duration: 5 Hours.


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5. PHP with Laravel for beginners

best PHP Laravel online course for beginners

This course is slightly advanced than the courses mentioned above. Also, Laravel is the most popular PHP framework used in the industry. And in this course, you’re also going to learn the Laravel framework alongside learning PHP. With the help of the Laravel framework, more secure web applications are designed compared to the primary PHP language.


Starting from complete scratch, you’re going to learn the Laravel framework. Working with databases and performing CRUD operations are also taught in this course.


The Course Content Contains :

  • Introduction
  • Environment Setup
  • Laravel Fundamentals
  • Databases
  • Forms & Validations
  • Middleware – Security
  • Laravel Sessions
  • Git & Github
  • Laravel 7
  • Building Application
  • Upgrading From Other Laravel Versions

Duration:  43 Hours.


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Conclusion: Top 5 PHP Courses Online 2022


Courses for complete beginners to moderately advanced programmers have been mentioned in the above list. To start this year with learning the most popular server-side programming language. All the courses are available on the Black Friday sale, so grab the classes till the discount.


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