Windows 11 Servicing Model, Following Windows 10 or Not!

Windows 11 is booming everywhere, but more than that new features and updates are getting announced by Microsoft eventually leading to more windows 11 installations. However, with this latest windows update, there are many things users need to know about, like price, servicing model, updates, etc. And Microsoft is gradually letting users know about their plans with windows 11. It’s already a surprise Windows 11 has been officially released. So today let’s talk about the servicing model which Windows 11 has recently announced and briefed users about.

The main thing to notice here is that the major reason behind this latest update for windows is profit for Microsoft itself. So it’s likely that most of the things are going to be as it is like Windows 10.


What’s The Servicing Model For Windows 11?


Before this latest windows update, Microsoft used to provide all the bug fixes and patch updates in windows 10 itself. So the question is, how is Microsoft going to provide services for this latest windows 11?


And the good news is that Microsoft has confirmed services for windows 11 just like Windows 10. So every month users will get security updates. Optional cumulative updates, out of the band updates, servicing stack updates, and more for both Windows 10 and Windows 11.


Microsoft has recently updated their Monthly Quality Updates documentation concerning Windows 11. And from the updated documentation it is clear that there are no changes in terms of updates. So users will get security updates at least twice a month. One key thing to note here is that updates for windows 11 will be comparatively smaller in size than Windows 10 updates.


Is There LTSC Version of Windows 11?


The answer is yes. But the release of the LTSC (Long Term Servicing Channel)version for Windows 11 will take some time. And is not going to be released pretty soon.


This also means that with Windows 11 there will be only one featured update unlike Windows 10. That used to get two featured updates every year. Microsoft has also confirmed that the LTSC version of Windows 11 is going to get support for at least 5 years.


To know more about the LTSC version of Windows 11 read this Windows 11 Is Getting An Ltsc Version from xda-developers.


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