Minor New Features in Windows 11 build 22000.71

The update of Windows 11 to everyone came as a surprise, the major reason behind this is Microsoft itself. In an event, Microsoft announced that there will be no further version for windows and updates will be provided in windows 10. But now Windows 11 is released officially for its testing phase in the insider’s program. However, Microsoft is aggressively working on windows 11 for quality improvements & bug fixes. And this latest version of windows has some very cool features than its predecessor. So in this article let’s find out what are the minor new features in Windows 11, with the latest build 22000.71.

This latest update is named “Cumulative Update for Windows 11 (10.0.22000.71) ”, where the majority of the improvements are made on a visual level, so let’s explore them in more detail.


Acrylic Context Menu


In this new update, users will get more of a classic subtle look at the context menu. The acrylic design of the context menu adjusts accordingly concerning the background environment also the colour of the context menu adjusts based on the background environment too.


New Widgets


The newly added entertainment widget is by far the coolest thing in this update of windows 11. This clearly shows that Microsoft of focusing on live entertainment too. Currently, US, UK, Australia, Canada, France, and Japan are the countries where live movie watching feature is accessible. Apart from the entertainment widget also,  Calendar, To-do list, and Outlook mail widgets are there to use for windows, 11 users.


App Preview & Taskbar


rounded corners are the feature Microsoft has focused on windows 11 mostly. And in this cumulative update, Taskbar preview has adapted the same functionality. Hover the mouse cursor over any installed app in the taskbar and you’ll notice the app preview in rounded corners.


Settings Crash Fixed


Previously before this update, the settings app used to crash unexpectedly without any reason, but now this bug has been stabilized. Also, the volume slider works smoothly now unlike before it used to work in a glitchy manner.


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