Kaseya Gets Decryptor to Help REvil Ransomware Victims

Well, this year the no of cybersecurity breaches have been increased tremendously. The major reason behind this is the heavy increase in usage of technology due to lockdown. But security breaches happen every then and now however the two biggest cybersecurity breach happened this year is FireEye Breach. The latest security breach took place just at the start of this month. But thankfully the breaches have been patched now. So let’s discuss whether Kaseya got Decryptor to Help REvil Ransomware Victims.


How Did Event Took Place? 


According to the company’s CEO,  Fred Voccola the event took place midday of 2nd July when the incident response team founded this security threat in their systems. Just after this the company immediately informed their customers to shut down their VSA servers.


At the same time the company itself, shut down its Saas servers to prevent any potential harm to the company. However, at the same time company stated that they’ve found the root cause of the vulnerability from where the systems have been compromised, and will soon patch the security holes. Also, Kaseya is going to keep all their servers shut down till they feel the breach has been patched completely.


How Much Data Is Compromised?


This is a supply chain attack, therefore the data cannot be precisely accurate. But from a report, it is said that the Kaseya security breach (REvil Ransomware) has managed to surpass 1500 different networks that were dependent upon 60 Managed Service Providers (MSPs).


Eight of these MSPs provide their services to other companies. Due to this total of 200 businesses have been shut down completely till further notice.


How Much Ransom is Demanded?


Take a note that this is a zero-day attack used by hackers, so this supply chain vulnerability in itself is pretty unique. But as for the attackers they’ve demanded a total of  $70M that was later lowered down to $50M.


How Does The REvil Ransomware Work?


If your system is being compromised by REvil Ransomware, then all the files in your compromised system will get encrypted with a unique encryption algorithm. These files can only be decrypted with a specific decryption hash.


Is The Issue Resolved Now? 


The good news is yes, this issue has been resolved by now. But no one knows whether the company has paid any Ransom to the attackers or not. Those who have been infected with this Ransomware will be able to decrypt their files. But the good thing is Kaseya got Decryptor to Help REvil Ransomware Victims. And all the shutdown businesses will be started again.


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