Detect Pegasus Spyware using iMazing on iPhone

A few days back we publicized an article regarding Pegasus Spyware being used to secretly monitor smartphones of Indian politicians and journalists. Now the dust has been settled but the main problem is still not resolved. That is, how can we detect if there’s Pegasus Spyware installed in our device. As we all know Pegasus Spyware is famous for not getting caught it is installed on victims devices. Well for Android users the problem is continuing but for iPhone users, the solution has been found. You can detect Pegasus Spyware in your iPhone using the iMazing device manager. In today’s article, we will discuss the same.


Now you can detect Pegasus Spyware without even having any knowledge of coding for free.


What is iMazing?


Geneva, Switzerland based software development incorporation DigiDNA have recently updated their iOS managing software iMazing with new features. With the help of this Spyware detection feature, detecting Pegasus in your iPhone devices will become easier. Amnesty’s Mobile Verification Toolkit (MVT) is used as a reference for creating this feature.


This spyware detection feature is available in iMazing v2.14 & above. The easy to use interface is praised by many users of this app.


How to Detect Pegasus Spyware using iMazing?


Download iMazing Here:


  • Install iMazing v2.14 on your computer and open it up when asked for the first time click on the Continue Trial button.


  • Now connect your iPhone to a computer with a lightning cable.


  • On the right-hand side of the screen, there will be a list of key options, scroll down and select the option Detect Spyware


  • Click on the Next button and click on Download to install the STIX files from the server.


  • Now you’ll be asked to back up the data analysis and encrypt it with a password.


  • After the backup gets finished, iMazing will start detecting spyware and will show you the results of the analysis.


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