How to convert String to int in Java

From our elementary school days, most of us are familiar with the concept of an integer. It’s a number with no fractional portion. In other words, integers are comparable to whole numbers, except they also include negative values. As a result, non-decimal numbers can be both positive and negative. It’s a memory place (or locations) that stores non-decimal or non-fractional positive or negative numbers. The keyword ‘int’ denotes an integer type, which describes the memory required to store the data. As well as having limitations on how it can be usedan integer cannot store fractional numbers. Strings in Java are maintained by a character array. Strings are immutable since arrays are immutable (they cannot be expanded). Each time you make an update to a String, a new String is constructed. So today let us start with How to convert String to Int in Java


What’s The Approach?


  • Import the java.util package into the class.


  • Now within the main method create a new object of Scanner class, for example Scanner sc=new Scanner(;


  • Use the Scanner class to get the input from the user.


  • Apply the try and catch to prevent unwanted errors from the user.


  • We will implement the Integer.parseInt(String_name) to convert the string to an integer type


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Java Program to convert String to Int in Java


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 * How to Covert String to Integer

import java.util.*;
public class String_to_Int
    public static void main(String args[])
        // Creating an object of Scanner class
        Scanner sc=new Scanner (;
        // taking imput from  the user
        System.out.print("Please Enter the String that is to be converted to interger: ");
        String s=sc.nextLine();
        //using try and catch to prevent Wrong inputs
            // converting string to integer
             int num=  Integer.parseInt(s);
             //Printing the integer
             System.out.println("The converted String to Integer is: "+ num);
        catch (NumberFormatException ex){
            //Displaying message for wrong input
            System.out.println("Sorry Wrong Input");


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