Apple Emergency Security Update For Pegasus Spyware

Everything is being done from home, and it’s most likely that this culture is going to remain even if this pandemic is gone. However, not to mention but the internet has never been used as it is being used today. Everyone is connected with the internet. That is also the reason why everything, be it messages, logistics, news, etc gets delivered quickly. But in this era of the internet revolution a major threat of hackers, malware, Spyware, Viruses, etc always remain active. One very well-known Spyware, Pegasus has lately become pretty famous for its usage for surveillance on high-profile personalities. Well, today’s news is about the same topic, today we’re going to discuss Apple Emergency Security Update For Pegasus Spyware.


What is this new Update About?


We’ll major threat of this Spyware is for high-profile personalities. On the victim’s machine without the owner’s response. This Zero Click functionality allows Pegasus Spyware to launch a zero-click attack from an apple device.


When Apple Released Emergency Security Update


As soon as Apple found out about this critical vulnerability. On Monday the company rolled out an emergency update for all the Apple device users to patch up this bug.


According to a report, approximately 1.65 billion Apple devices worldwide have been infected with this security flaw since March of this year.


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Who Found Out About This Flaw?


A team of security researchers at Citizen Labs. A cyber-security watchdog organization at the University of Toronto found out about this vulnerability.


It is reported that an activist’s iPhone from Saudi has been infected with an updated version of Pegasus Spyware.


What Can Pegasus Spyware Do?


If this Spyware manages to penetrate an apple device. Then the attacker can do everything on the victim’s device. Activating the camera and microphone, record messages, texts, emails, calls, etc are the thing attacker can do easily without the owner’s permission.


Final Verdicts: Apple Emergency Security Update


If you’re using any of the Apple devices, make sure to Update It Now! Also, browse the internet with safety.


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