5 Best Coursera JavaScript Programming Courses Online 2022

Today we are going to list down the  5 Best Coursera JavaScript Programming Courses Online 2022. JavaScript is without a doubt the most popular programming language at the moment, as evidenced by StackOverFlow’s survey. JavaScript allows you to create static web pages, web apps, native mobile applications, desktop programmes, and even server-side applications. It also makes you a hundred times more employable, as there are a plethora of web development opportunities available. As a result, an increasing number of developers are studying JavaScript in order to become web developers.

Another incentive to learn JavaScript is that it provides the foundation for some of the most popular and powerful web development frameworks, such as Angular, React, Node JS, and jQuery. A solid understanding of JavaScript is necessary to use such tools and frameworks. So, you can see what’s going on beneath the surface. Now that we understand how important JavaScript is and why you should study it, let me offer some of the greatest online courses available to help you get started with JavaScript and eventually master it. The key reason is that active learning is still high when learning from a book; you may get bored and stuck attempting to accomplish things, but with online classes, you can see precisely how it’s done. Let us see the 5 Best Coursera JavaScript Programming Courses Online 2022.


5 Best Coursera JavaScript Programming Courses Online 2022


1 . Modern JavaScript: ES6 Basics



You may be aware that Coursera has released guided projects. In which you may learn new skills such as JavaScript in as little as 2 to 3 hours. While these guided projects aren’t as thorough as the courses on this list, they do serve as a decent starting point for newcomers. By following a guided project, you may rapidly master the fundamentals of JavaScript. For example, in this project, you’ll learn the most basic ES6 capabilities and put them into reality with real-world applications.

You’ll begin creating contemporary JavaScript and realise the importance of ES6. Understanding the logic behind the primary ES6 features — arrow functions, variables, and template literals — is the first step in mastering contemporary JavaScript. This will assist you in grasping the ideas of Node, React, and Angular.
On a guided project, you work in a cloud desktop directly in your browser, with no need to download anything, and your teacher walks you through the process in a split-screen video. You will benefit from hands-on learning.


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2 . JavaScript for Beginners Specialization



This Specialization is designed for those who have never programmed before. And for those who are changing careers and want to get into software development. JavaScript is usually the first programming language you’ll need to learn, and this Specialization will guide you through a gradual sequence of modules and courses to help you practise and improve your abilities.
Learners will be able to follow along with the teacher and put what they’ve learned into practice through a series of low-stakes tasks and projects. This Specialization’s major evaluation method is quizzes, with Honor choices in a few of the courses.


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3 . Building Interactive Web Pages Using Modern JavaScript


5 Best Coursera JavaScript Programming


The majority of companies with a significant online presence want to provide their customers with a dynamic interactive user experience. HTML5 and CSS3 frameworks assist you in creating a static web page that displays content and is compatible with any device. To make a page interactive, though, you’ll need a programming language that browsers can understand. The World Wide Web’s basic technologies include JavaScript.

You will learn how to utilise JavaScript to add behaviour to your web pages in this course. Add animations, menus, scrolling text, interactive maps, and other types of vivid content to make online content more engaging. To run the code on the user’s device, all major web browsers include a specialised JavaScript engine.


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4 . JavaScript Basics


5 Best Coursera JavaScript Programming


This course explains the JavaScript programming language and showcases websites with the kind of interactions that students will be able to create in the future. Learners will comprehend the significance of JavaScript’s development history and how it influences the way JavaScript is written today and in future versions.

Learners will develop their first scripts, have their HTML and CSS abilities tested, and assign values to variables and arrays. If a student’s abilities are weak, tools and suggestions are offered to help them develop. Students will have plenty of opportunities to practise these fundamental abilities.


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5 . Introduction to Javascript: The Basics


5 Best Coursera JavaScript Programming


You will learn how to develop dynamic web pages with Javascript in this 2h 10m project-based course. Javascript is a popular scripting language for front-end and back-end online applications, as well as hybrid mobile apps. It may be used to make static HTML pages more interactive. It might also be utilised in the backend of current web apps. Furthermore, it is at the heart of a number of current frameworks for developing hybrid mobile web apps. Learning Javascript provides a plethora of exciting job opportunities.


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