Top 5 DevOps Courses Online 2022

Is there a connection between moviemaking and DevOps? If I told you there is, will your emerging doubt about my mental fitness get confirmed? As your eyes go starry with perplexion, let me tell you why I started off on these two seemingly unrelated topics: I will take a circuitous and unrelated theme to help you understand DevOps and the Top 5 DevOps Courses Online 2022

Have you wondered what all go into making a great movie? A lot of elements, such as a sound story (although many movies have gone on to become successful despite having a weak story), cinematography, music, screenplay, direction, performance…well, all these elements make sense only if they come together and gel well. In other words, all these individual parts may or may not make complete sense in themselves, but when blended and ground together, they make for a wonderful end result.

Extend this example into the world of technology. What do you call this melting pot of themes similar to what is explained above? DevOps! A brief understanding of DevOps will help you get an idea of how to choose the Top 5 DevOps Courses Online 2022.

First, what is DevOps?

Extend the above explanation, and you have a rough idea of what DevOps is. It stands for “Development” and “Operations”, and thus is a portmanteau of those two words. As one can understand, this is an approach of combining the tools and technologies on the one side, with philosophies, cultures, and practices on the other, to yield the desired result (Just like the various ingredients of filmmaking.) 

In other words, DevOps dismantles the various silos or strict categorization that these subsets tend to get slotted in. It blends and integrates these disciplines seamlessly to accelerate the end result into the product or service. DevOps teams work closely with each other and coordinate across the entire product lifecycle, instead of working on any single, defined role or function.


How does DevOps help?

When one meshes the above elements, it results in more accurate software development for products. The core idea of DevOps is to speed development by eliminating the bottlenecks at the various stages. With speed and accuracy being the cornerstone of any software development project, DevOps is an invaluable asset in facilitating this. It brings about these five critical aspects into development:

  • Speeds up the work considerably 
  • Brings about greater and more harmonious collaboration between teams
  • Makes the product accurate and reliable
  • Ensures that the project infrastructure and development process is scalable
  • Brings about greater security by ensuring compliance at all stages.


Should I choose DevOps?

If you are good at teamwork and collaboration skills, then you can consider a career in DevOps very seriously. As we saw, these are the cornerstones of DevOps, and having these qualities makes you the right fit for a role in this space. Well, I am not saying that technical skills are not required, but DevOps is a different game. 

It is not all about only technologies. It is a mix of tooling and interpersonal skills, so it is a good field to choose for those who are good at people skills. Communication is another quality that is at the core of DevOps, and the reasons for this are not hard to guess. So, in all, soft skills are indispensable to DevOps.

As for the technical or tooling skills, you will be required to have expertise in one or more of these tools, since you will be working on these day in and day out and ensuring that they sync and coordinate efficiently as and when needed:

  • Version control
  • Deployment automation
  • Testing and Cloud Quality tools
  • Continuous Integration servers
  • Network protocols
  • Monitoring and analytics
  • Infrastructure Orchestration
  • Containers
  • Configuration management.


How rewarding is a Career in DevOps?

Now, the financials of a career of DevOps. That DevOps is a field in high demand and is lucrative is exemplified by the fact that an engineer starts at a generous $107,000. As your experience and skill levels go up, you could expect at least $160,000. Does this pay scale appear parsimonious to you? To me, it doesn’t!


Top 5 DevOps Courses Online 2022

Now, let us move on to the main topic of this blog, namely, the Top 5 DevOps Courses Online 2022.  I have made a selection of these five courses, which I believe, will help your career as a DevOps engineer take an upswing. So, happy learning, and a happy upward route to your career!


1.DevOps on Cloud- IBM Bluemix, Microsoft Azure and AWS


Most DevOps professionals are aware of the many DevOps services available on Amazon Cloud (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and IBM Bluemix. Want to explore all of these? Then, this course is made for you. An explanation of all the available development tools and services under catalog, plus what all can be done with each service provided with the respective platform, make up the core of this highly engaging and hands-on course. 

The expert will guide you through an understanding of these cloud development services:

On Microsoft Azure: Boards, Artifact, Repos, Pipelines, Test Plans, Tool Integration, DevOps Projects, DevTest Labs, Application Insights and DevOps Organization.

On AWS: Cloud9, CodeCommit, CodeDeploy, CodeStar, CodeBuild, CodePipeline, etc.

IBM Bluemix: Bluemix DevOps, WebApp Toolchain, Continuous Delivery.


Duration: 4 Hours

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2.Docker MasterClass: Docker, Docker Swarm for DevOps Professionals


This is a specialized course on Docker and Docker Swarm. Why use Docker Swarm? Simple: The Docker Swarm allows users to run Swarm containers and create discovery tokens. In this class, you will not only learn these; you will also learn continuous deployment using Docker Swarms and convert any application to your Docker application using Docker Swarm.

You will also be able to build clustering functionalities for Docker containers using Live Labs. At this awesome course, you will be:

  • Learning advanced Docker and Docker Swarm, right from industry experts
  • Developing and containerizing application for Docker
  • Converting your application into a Docker application
  • Managing data volumes using Docker and Docker Swarm
  • Learning continuous deployment using Docker Swarm.


Duration: 12 Hours 15 Minutes.

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3. A Complete Guide On DevOps Tool And How To Use Them

Knowing DevOps is all about knowing how to use it with its tools effectively at your organization. This is the key to accelerating your work, making the output more accurate, and making your application scalable to accommodate the project’s growing needs.

This course is a thorough primer on how to achieve these. It will familiarize you with the workings and flow of DevOps end-to-end. It will show how its tools can be used to achieve the stated objectives. 

This course will broadly cover the following syllabi:

  • DevOps pipeline
  • Git and GitHub 
  • Maven
  • Dockers
  • Other DevOps tools for SDET.


Duration: 4 Hours 47 Minutes.

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4. Learning Path: Modern DevOps

This course will help you get going with Git, Docker, and Puppet, the foremost tools in the modern DevOps world. These tools enable you to automate and build configurations for infrastructure servers, apart from also helping you address areas of automation, continuous deployment, containers, and monitoring.

The Mastering DevOps section of this Learning Path will take you deep into the areas of DevOps. It will take you into all the important areas of DevOps:

  • The basics of version control using Git
  • Mastering containerization using Docker
  • Leveraging Puppet to ease configuration management.


Duration: 2 Hours 40 Minutes.

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5. Modern DevOps in Practices

Automating your IT infrastructure helps you overcome the bottlenecks associated with project deployment delays, increased failures in new releases, and lead time between fixes. This course looks at how to overcome these odds and make your project delivery smooth.

With this course, you will be able to solve everyday IT infrastructure challenges in a very effective and useful manner. It will show you how to use tools such as Terraform and Azure DevOps into your development environment work. With the learning gained from this course, you will be able to automate and standardize the development process, which will help decrease human error. You will be able to share the best practices across teams spread across diverse geographies.

These are a few of the areas this course will familiarize you with:

  • DevOps concepts, design patterns, developing strategy, and methodologies
  • Popular tools used in continuous integration, delivery and deployment
  • Using terraform to automate your infrastructure
  • Kubernetes and KubeCtl basics
  • Custom tools and helpers using GoLang
  • Containerization using Docker
  • Container orchestration using AKS (Kubernetes)
  • Build a Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment Pipeline using Azure DevOps
  • Additional infrastructure and services (vault, container registry, git) to support the pipeline
  • Kubernetes, application, and VM monitoring and logging.


Duration: 2 Hour 40 Minutes.

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Now that you have explored the Top 5 DevOps Courses Online 2022, what do you think about making a career in DevOps or growing in it with the help of these courses? Please feel free to share your thoughts with us. We look forward to hearing from you!


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