Tips, Strategy and Books to Improve Maths for Competitive Exams

When studying for a competitive exam such as the GRE, SSC, Banking, GMAT, or Defense exams, it’s natural to be concerned about the mathematical component, which is infamously difficult to crack. The major goal of including a Quantitative Aptitude section in a competitive exam is to assess your ability to logically answer simple arithmetic problems. This necessitates a thorough understanding of quantitative concepts as well as ample practice. On that note, In this article let’s learn how to improve maths for competitive exams and let’s elaborate on key tips, strategies, and maths books for competitive exams you can use to score better.

Important Preparation Tips for Mathematics Preparation

Let’s provide you with some crucial tips on how to ace the quantitative aptitude section in any competitive exams and learn how to improve maths for competitive exams.

1. Learn Important Formulas and Short Tricks

This will help you in improving your speed, cutting down lengthy steps and calculations. It is preferable to go through the formulas and short tricks as many times as possible during preparation rather than cramming them in at the last minute. Also, try to memorize only a few key ones rather than all of them.

2. Prioritize Important Topics

Study wisely rather than recklessly. For competitive exams, almost all topics in math are relevant, however, there are a few concepts that are frequently asked. Identify those topics and give them extra time and practice.

For instance, in Coordinate geometry, questions from straight lines and circles are asked more frequently than from Ellipse, parabola, Hyperbola and others.

3. Simplify

You are going to be perplexed in questions involving intricate details and entangled structures in topics like mensuration, geometry and others of competitive exams. Simply redraw the shapes on a rough page separately or break and re-read the question line by line and then respond to the question.

4. Memorize the Right Stuff

To speed up your calculations, learn tables up to 30, square as well as cube roots for numbers till 40 to speed up your calculations. These shortcuts can help you save time when performing complex calculations in the exam.

5. Practice and Practice More

When you take competitive examinations with a predetermined time limit, you enhance your speed and pinpoint areas where you still need to improve. So, keep practising the important concepts and questions until you’re sure you’ve mastered them.

Maths Books for Competitive Exams

1. Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examination by Dr. R.S. Aggarwal

If you refer to this book and practice questions from it on a daily basis, you won’t need any other book.
This book can be termed an all-rounder because it covers practically every competitive exam’s quantitative aptitude/numerical ability topic.

In a student-friendly language, concepts and formulas have been taught in detail with examples. Each chapter is followed by an exercise containing a variety of questions of various types and levels of difficulty, as well as solutions.

2. Fast Track Objective Arithmetic by Rajesh Verma

A perfect book for candidates preparing for any competitive exam, especially SSC and banking exams. The appeal of this book stems from the fact that it teaches basic principles as well as quick strategies for solving various types of questions in each field.
Aside from a thorough explanation of concepts, the book includes levelled questions ranging from basic to advanced level to assist students in mastering concepts in each topic.

3. For Competitive Exams Vedic Mathematics by Ramnandan Shastri

This book on Vedic maths might help you enhance your calculating speed and accuracy in preparation for upcoming exams and is beneficial for students preparing for competitive tests such as the CAT, MAT, Bank PO, and other exams in which you want to answer as many questions accurately as possible in the shortest amount of time.

It is only 120 pages long, and the tricks it teaches are simple to grasp. As a result, you will be able to speed up your computations without altering the method of obtaining the results.

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