How To Print Hello World in JavaScript

Everyone starts at some point to learn something new. However, this concept is valid and invalid for programmers,  learning new languages. As every time learn a new programming language, the ritual of writing the first Hello World program remains the same. So it’s always a great thing to start learning any new programming language with a hello world program. Therefore today we’ll start the journey of JavaScript programming. By learning how to print Hello World in JavaScript.

One of the easiest and simple programs, you’ll ever write in JavaScript. The reason is that whatever program you’ll write next is going to be a level up than this one.


What’s The Approach?


  • Create an opening script tag.


  • Write a print statement by passing a string, Hello World.


  • Create a closing script tag.


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JavaScript Program To Print Hello World



Hello World


//Simple JavaScript Program To Print Hello World

//Opening script tag

// using console.log for printing statement
console.log('Hello World');

//Closing script tag




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