How to convert String to long in Java

The data type long is used in programming languages including Java, C++, and C#. A single 64-bit signed integer can be stored in a long constant or variable. So, what does a 64-bit signed integer entail? It helps in breaking down each word from right to left. A full number without a decimal point is called an integer. 1, 24, and 45478 are some examples. Although it may be preceded by a minus (-) mark, “signed” signifies the number can be positive or negative. The number may store 784 or 450,478,7445,569,798,578,614, etc distinct values if it is 64-bit (since one bit is used for the sign). The available integers for the long data type range from  -9223372036854775808 to 9223372036854775807, including 0. So let us start on the tutorial on How to convert String to long in Java

What’s The Approach?

  • Import the java. util package into the class.


  • Now within the main method create a new object of Scanner class, for example Scanner sc=new Scanner(;


  • Use the Scanner class to get the input from the user.


  • Apply the try and catch to prevent unwanted errors from the user.


  • Implement the parseLong(String_Name); to convert the string to an integer type


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Java Program to convert String to Long in Java


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 * How to Covert String to Long

import java.util.*;
public class String_to_Long
    public static void main(String args[])
        // Creating an object of Scanner class
        Scanner sc=new Scanner (;
        // taking imput from  the user
        System.out.print("Please Enter the String that is to be converted to Long: ");
        String s=sc.nextLine();
        //using try and catch to prevent Wrong inputs
            // converting string to Long
            long num=  Long.parseLong(s);
            //Printing the integer
            System.out.println("The converted String to Long is: "+ num);
        catch (NumberFormatException ex){
            //Displaying message for wrong input
            System.out.println("Sorry Wrong Input");



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