How To Become a Certified Java Developer Professional in 2022

Becoming a software developer/engineer is a dream job for many people nowadays. Moreover, due to the current pandemic situation, Software Engineering is considered as one of (if not, the) hottest job in the 21st century. This statement sounds exaggerated, but considering the current technological advancements, software engineering has already become a gold standard for getting jobs in the year 2022. So the competition is going to be tough if you wanna get a job at a dream tech company. But, by having a little edge among your competitors, chances of you being preferred gets enhanced greatly in neck-to-neck situations. One such little edge is, to Become a Certified Java Developer Professional.


Java as a programming language is pretty famous among developers. And by becoming a certified java professional in the year 2022, you can expect a few head-start in some situations. Therefore to help you achieve the same. Today, we’ll discuss how you can become a professional Java-certified developer.


Multiple options are available for you to become a certified Java Dev. To name a few, you can choose to prepare for OCAJP 8, OCPJP 8, OCJD 1Z0-819 examinations, and get a respected title if you pass the test.


Though clearing these examinations isn’t that simple, therefore below we’ve designed a dedicated roadmap of tips,  for those who want to become Java certified professional developers in the year 2022.


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Top 5 Tips To Crack Certified Java Developer Professional Exams in 2022


1. Enroll Yourself in a Good Course


While preparing for any examination, the majority of the focus should be on saving maximum time with learning as much as possible.


Enrolling in a good Course is going to help you by actively learning things important from the Java Certification perspective in minimal time.


At a pocket-friendly price, you get to learn from industry experts, utilizing your maximum time. Below are recommendations from our side if you wish to enrol in a good Java course.






Java SE 11 Developer 1Z0-819 OCP Course



2. Read Books


Reading books is one of the most traditional,  but at the same time most effective ways of harnessing pure knowledge provided by the author.


For Java specifically, hundreds of books are there so, make sure to read a proper book. Reading the book will help you in retaining deep knowledge about the Java language and its API, which is one of the critical components in any Java certification examination.


If we had to suggest, we’d recommend you to read, OCP Oracle Certified Professional Java SE 11 Developer Complete Study Guide: Exam 1Z0-815, Exam 1Z0-816, and Exam 1Z0-817 book by Jeanne Boyarsky (Author), Scott Selikoff (Author) on Amazon.


3. Mock/Practice Examinations


To excel in the examination, you must feel the environment, vibe, pressure, anxiety, thrill, etc that comes automatically when you don’t practice mock questions.


Doesn’t matter how strong your preparation is if you mess up in the end. Practising stimulated exams majorly helps you in time management, solving all the questions within 2.5 hours.


Below, we’ve listed rank-wise exam simulators that have helped many examinees to become certified Java developers. You can try them out if you like.







4. Be Active on Forums


Participating at front-foot in official forums is going to give you much exposure than you can gather alone. You’ll get to meet many participants preparing for the same examination you are. So, it’s a mutual growth opportunity.


Asking questions and clearing doubts is going to give you more exposure in your journey of becoming a certified Java developer.


To name a few, forums like CodeRanch or Oracle’s official Java Certification forum are the platforms where you can actively participate and harness more detailed knowledge of Java.


5. Never Stop Practicing


We all know about this most important tip. But still, the majority of the readers don’t stick to it.


The only difference between those who’ve successfully cleared this certification exam and those who’ve not is of difference in practice. Those who have the potential to push themselves in times of exhaustion are the ones who always succeed, no matter what the conditions are. It is natural to feel lethargic at the start, but keep pushing yourself and continue to code every day.


These certifications require attention to detail and in-depth knowledge of the topic itself. So as long as you keep widening your horizons every day no one can stop you from becoming a 2022 Certified Java Developer Professional.


Conclusion: Become a Certified Java Developer Professional in 2022


All the above steps are going to play a very crucial role in enhancing different aspects of your developer personality. Follow the above tips by modifying them in your style to make it a habit. This way it’ll become much easier for you to stick to the routine.



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