5 Best Coursera C++ Programming Courses Online 2022

Good day, folks! C++ is one of the most popular and powerful object-oriented programming languages, and it’s the best place to start if you want to undertake low-level programming. Its applications may be found in a variety of disciplines, including embedded programming, server-side applications, gaming, and even high-frequency trading. C++ can write the majority of complicated software, such as operating systems. Even the database management systems and powerful trading systems are based on C++.We bring you the 5 Best C++ Programming Courses available on Coursera.

There is no question that mastering C++ will provide you with several chances. C++ developers are in great demand, especially in the field of high-frequency trading, where every microsecond counts and the power of C++ is essential.
C++ is the language that combines the best of both worlds. It allows you to utilise OOP to manage software complexity while still allowing you to get close to your machine. And also access all of your computer’s hardware, something that other object-oriented languages such as Java or Python make difficult.

That’s why C++ is so popular for creating native device drivers, high-end desktop games, etc. Even complicated artificial intelligence applications that require a lot of processing power.


5 Best Coursera C++ Programming Courses Online 2022




This speciality is designed for those who have no prior programming experience and want to master C++ programming abilities as well as the underlying computer science ideas that will help them easily pick up other programming languages. You’ll learn everything from the foundations through object-oriented design in these four classes. These topics will enable you to develop everything from tiny programmes to automate repetitive chores to bigger applications, allowing you to handle more specialist topics like Data Science and Artificial Intelligence using python.
Learners will construct a number of practical projects, including an automatic file updater and useful C++ applications that can speed up routine operations. Later projects will use the Clmg library to provide graphical output, including animations.



2 . Object-Oriented Data Structures in C++



Learners will learn how to construct a programme in the C++ language, as well as how to set up a development environment for writing and debugging C++ code and how to implement data structures as C++ classes in this course. It is the first course in the Accelerated CS Fundamentals speciality, and the following courses will use C++ to implement the data structures discussed in class.


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3 . C++ Programming for Unreal Game Development Specialization


C++ Programming Courses


Intermediate programmers who wish to learn how to programme Unreal Engine games in C++ should take this Specialization. Before beginning this Specialization, students should finish at least one prior programming Specialization on Coursera or one programming course in high school or college. The first course assumes that degree of programming expertise, and you’ll learn how to programme in C++ and utilise that knowledge to develop Unreal Engine games during the duration of the Specialization’s four courses. The information in the Specialization’s C++ and Unreal courses are slightly less thorough than the content in UCCS’s first two-game programming courses.


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4 . C++ Basics: Selection and Iteration


C++ Programming Courses


This course is for those who have never coded before, and it provides a solid foundation in not only C++ but also key Computer Science principles that may be applied to other languages. The course includes lessons on printing, operators, iteration (loops), and selection (i.e., conditionals).
This course is video-free to allow for a genuinely hands-on, self-paced learning experience. Short explanations with visuals and runnable code examples with recommended adjustments are included in assignments, allowing students to get a better understanding by doing. Along the process, you’ll get immediate feedback from a range of assessment tasks, gradually graduating from short comprehension checks (multiple choice, fill in the blank, and un-scrambling code blocks) to tiny, manageable coding assignments that take minutes rather than hours.


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5 . С/C++ for competitive programming


C++ Programming Courses


In competitive programming, C and C++ are the most popular programming languages. As well as the most convenient and commonly used in contests.
The online course “C/C++ for Competitive Programming” will cover the basics of the language. It will also include variables, data types, conditionals, loops, functions, and more.
The course is divided into five modules, each of which lasts one week.

Modules of the programme:

  1. Variables
  2. Cycles and Conditional Operators
  3. Functions and Arrays
  4. Data structures that are complex
  5. Numerical systems and basic low-level characteristics


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