Python program to create bmi calculator

In this tutorial, we are going to show and explain the Python program to create BMI calculator. We have added the video tutorial and the source code of the program.


So let us begin with the Python program to create BMI calculator.


Video Tutorial: Python program to create BMI calculator



Source Code:

height = float(input("Enter the height in cm: "))  
weight = float(input("Enter the weight in kg: "))  

BMI = weight / (height/100)**2  

print("Your Body Mass Index is", BMI)  
if BMI <= 18.5:  
    print("You are underweight.")  
elif BMI <= 24.9:  
    print("Awesome! You are healthy.")  
elif BMI <= 29.9:  
    print("You are over weight.")  
    print("You are obese.")





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