I’d been using xampp, learning Elementor with WordPress – and just started on Theme Builder – and today I couldn’t get MySQL to start. I went through various things – which included going by Administrator, and also checking whether it needed another port – and then renaming the saved ‘backup’ to data – changing ‘data’ to another name – to link the backup of MySQL. That enabled MySQL to start! But when typing in the address of my WordPress site on my ‘local computer’ (localhost/wpnameofsite/admin) – it says ‘error in establishing a database connection’. And the report with this says ‘WARNING install directory contains spaces’. I went to xampp on my computer, and looked down and saw the ‘install folder’ – and it gives me the opportunity to ‘restore previous versions’. When I clicked on that it said there were no previous versions. Could I download a new copy of xampp – and link that up to the existing WordPress sites that I have made on my local computer?

John J Asked question November 24, 2021
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